Steam Discovery Queue

This post serves either as a recommendation or as a reminder, depending on whether you already know about the discovery queue in the Steam store or not.

The discovery queue contains 12 titles that are personalized based on the games you have played and the genres you appear to like. I have browsed the queue numerous times (347 titles viewed according to Steam) and I cannot say the yield of games that caught my attention was high. However, I find the discovery queue to be an excellent way of discovering (duh!) lesser known or just released games.

For instance, Desperados III was definitely a great hit for me. I doubt I would ever find it elsewhere as it is not a widely known title. Additionally, just today, I have wishlisted a few titles that do look promising. These titles were released in the past week. Obviously, I wouldn’t even know about them as I don’t follow any games news, let alone indie games news!

Do your homework, browse the queue!