I wanted to treat myself with buying Cyberpunk 2077. However, having only 512 GB SSD in my PC, I had a moment of clarity and decided to verify whether I can handle Cyberpunk storage-wise. That’s when I remembered about ncdu.

I had this tool recommended to me by Damian. ncdu does stand for NCurses Disk Usage. While the times I need to use it are few and far between, it comes in really handy. Before I have gotten to know ncdu, I was using df -h to get a vague idea how much disk space I have left. However, as you can see below, this can give you a hint at best, as I have a single filesystem mounted under /.

df -h command output

Moreover, I do not have the expertise to get to know what takes up the space using du utility however, I do not need to have! ncdu provides an interactivity allowing to traverse through your filesystem and pinpoint what is taking up that disk real estate. Running ncdu / will provide you with a following interface:

ncdu / command output

Additionally, ncdu has features such as recalculating current directory used space, which is useful when you unclutter your disk on the go, as you browse the directories. There are more functionalities that I won’t cover, as I didn’t have the opportunity to explore them myself yet.